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The state of the tigers and tide....

Posted on: July 1, 2009 8:54 pm
I caught a re-play of the 2006 Auburn Miss. st game where Auburn was playing near perfect CTT power football.The announcers were talking about Auburn being the third winningest program this decade behind U.S.C.. and Oklahoma and how much Tuberville has done to make the tigers the team to beat in the state of Alabama.It spoke boldly on how fast things can change in college football.Tuberville was a great coach for Auburn and he gave the program alot of wins and produced alot of great football players and young men and for that I will always pull for the man.Eighty-five wins in ten years and an undefeated season in the mighty S.E.C. is no small feat.I hope his legacy is not tarnished by his exit that was not all on his shoulders.The administration and the big-3 Lowder,Raines and Dye seemed to have pushed the right buttons to get him to leave.The coaching implosion of last year was clearly not well thought out by Tuberville and it cost him his job,which he needed a change.But at the same time the crimson tide hired Saban who came in and recruited lights out knowing probation was on the way so he wanted to fill the cupboards unless scholarship reductions were handed out.Sabans lackluster first season is now a wash as none of the 7-6 seasons wins count due to the ncaa probation.Sabans second year had the tide back "for real" as they have been proclaimed back several times over the last 15 years or so but a 12-0 start had everyone looking.Granted his last two games of the comeback season were quite the letdowns.But the ncaa slapped Alabama on the wrist and Saban has the tide looking to be contenders for the long term,or whatever that tenure is with Saban not having a buy-out clause on his contract extension.In comes Gene Chizik into town at Auburn,a hire that bama fans laughed about and had Auburn fans scratching thier heads about.Chizik has gained much respect so far as he came into this new job not letting any of this critisism get to him,hiring an all-star assistant coaching staff,holding on to a top 20 2008 recruiting class while already showing the rest of the S.E.C. that the new tiger staff will be a force on the recruiting trail in years to come.Chizik brought in Gus Malzhan,Trooper Taylor and Curtis Luper to run a high powered offense with Malzhan the brains and the other two bringing in the talent.Coaches like Ted Roof,Auburn great Tracy Rocker and Tommy Thigpin who all are established coaches to combat Saban on the other side of the spectrum.As always two teams, two different styles.1.Bama....Saban the $4 million man who keeps his assistants as lapdogs...he is a one man wrecking crew.....2.Auburn....Chizik avg. SEC pay but the wealth is spread between this all star group of coaches who have thier press time without having to get a note.Its looking like we might have a fight again which is great for football fans in Alabama as we all miss the days when the iron bowl meant a whole lot more. 
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